Friday, November 13, 2015

The Song the Kids Sing

Beyond this place, beyond the cafés and stores
Lies the death of me
Where the adults don't see
The boards start to creek
Down this lonesome street
At the end of school, we start the new rule
And the teachers leave
We don't see the chapel, we don't see the city
We gave away my dreams

Carry me far beyond this town
Before I'm laid out in the ground
For all of you to see
Let me see that all of this is stone
And I shouldn't feel alone
And I shouldn't have to be
The song the kids sing

The kids shoot the wall
Speaking in that loose drawl
Just in front of me
I want to rant and sing
But what good would it bring to the factory
I want to turn this around
But I'm wedged in the crack with the hollow seed
Who planted this madness
Who planted this sadness all around me

I'm not from this town, I'm from another old town
Far to the east
It's close to my brother, it's close to my father
It's inside of me

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