Friday, November 13, 2015

Treat Me Like a Stranger

You say you can tell the different parts of me
One a falling bird, another a lonely child
If it’s gonna be you, my judge and my saviour
Bury me in rock, just like I told you

If I had a candle, I’d light it at your end
But you won’t light me up, not even a part of me
So let the colours run, my lover, my friend
Bury me in sand, right up till the end

But maybe for tonight, treat me like a stranger
Like I was never here, in the wake of the danger
One more time around, treat me like a stranger
Then you won’t recognize me

Turn me over babe, turn me loose and under
Then you can drift away, leave me to the lonely tide
But I’m glad it was you, my friend and my lover
Give me to the waves, send me down under

At least you told the truth
Somewhere so low beneath
Hanging from the noose, the parts of me
Swinging underneath, somewhere so high above
Tied to the tree, the parts of me

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