Friday, November 13, 2015

Kill Someone

lyric sheet used by Bobby at McCabe's in LA - June 15, 2014

There’s a man out there talking speaking in tongues
Losing his hair, bleeding gums
Saying things about my sister, things about their son
If he don’t stop soon, I’m gonna kill someone

He’s got eyes of black and a hide of green
Throwing out lines like a submachine
Don’t know why or what he really means
Because he hasn’t been there and he hasn’t ever seen

He says he was a soldier, he told me that he served
But he never left the barracks only a reserve
Now he making off with another racist word
I think he lost the war, but won the purge

Take him down some, take him down some
Take him down some, take him down some

Now he’s fighting for justice and praying to God
While he misspells his name and keeps his fingers crossed
Everybody knows God’s been dead since 1914
You can’t bridge the gap for the underneath

He has four babies with four different girls
He has four houses, he has four worlds
But he has no money
Though he’s wearing someone’s pearls
And he’ll take from your pockets and fumble their curls

In his son I can’t see his father’s eyes
Because the boy is an angel, the boy doesn’t lie
Though he’s still one of his lowly four
His eyes may run, but his blood won’t pour

He was bred from the devil, bred just to take
Where they screw up their own in the belly of a lake
Who the hell takes a baby to a dead man’s wake
When the dead man’s a racist
The dead man’s a snake

I’m gonna wake up in the morning and get myself a gun
Not to fire at anybody just to keep him on the run
And then drive in the screw and rust it in the sun

Like he did to me, like he does to everyone

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