Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Passing Tale

My day is death, my night is dark
My love won't answer the call
With the rain like steel upon my face
My heart is certain to fall

Now I'm tired of sins corrupting me
And the fever turning me in
I don't know where I am headed to
But at least I know where I've been

'Cause my mouth is dry and I cannot speak
I've lost all faith in you
I admit I've lost a few
It's like my words against the wind

So I'm heading down to that long lost space
Where the light won't bounce off the floor
As the world turns to stare at me
My footsteps head straight to the door

So I'm alone again in this lonely place
With no shadow at my side
And my head is littered with your lust
And it's cold and it's rancid outside

I can't take this love and it's pulling me in
I'm tied to the floor and cut at the seams
I'm crazy in love and crazy to die
I'm lost to this world and I don't know why

And I've been down for twelve half-days
And I've kinda hit the floor
I'm reaching for something more
It's like my words against the wind

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