Saturday, August 9, 2014

Not Tonight, Not Today

I’m walking past the close of the parade
and this rain is killed by falling snow
I saw you lean into the corner listening
to all of them talking about what they know
I don’t blame you for being there
but you know you didn’t have to believe it
two coins on the ground gently gleaming
two more faces for you to believe in,
I’m so sorry for this night you say,
I need to leave before I lose my mind
things shouldn’t of turned out this way
at least not tonight, at least not today
someone outside lit a fire to burn that soft white flesh away,
I saw some old friends waving to me
as the crowds fell and made their way
I stood there looking out for you under some cold old melting tree
I saw you in your mums old car wearing the same sad look as me
as the patrons set the switch of the bright lights
I drank the cold bottles you bought me
and fell into the colors that showed me
that the lights are colder now

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