Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Once Knew Her

It landed late and it forced up the walls
Just to spite the maids, they were cleaning
The doctors said in time they will fall
Until, one by one, they stop breathing

Rats hit the street like hell on rain
This blood all fell down to the bottom
No one saw the clues in the vermin's drain
The landlord, he laid there, forgotten

"A plague, a plague", he heard them call
As he held a young girl, I wept with slur
So close the town and lock the doors
For the girl in your arms, I once knew her
For I once knew her

The town had left her under a tree
I could hear the screams come from afar
Où la paix est ici

sans Emily loin de moi

The letters were sent and the railroads closed
The tower shut off to the world
They could not compensate, for they could not compose
For their hearts, like their minds, were both withered and furled

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