Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Hard to Take

You shot the bird from my tree
And you nailed it to the gate
That kept in the souls of the soldiers you bedded
You fed and who you saved

So, I asked them all for an eye
To free the wings of that bird
That bore the brunt of the guilt you threw me
And my hand you left to the world

*And it's hard to take
It's hard sometimes
It's hard, too hard for me, for me
It's too hard for me to take

Well, the captain he bought me a gun
And he flooded my mind with his rage
He said, "I'm too young to die, so I'll run"
He said, "A man shouldn't hide in his grave"

She wouldn't look at me in the eye
Like she did when I was still true
I wouldn't fire a bullet for him
But I'd fire a hundred for you


I don't know the depths of the sea
Like I don't know the depths that I'll go
And since the burden has been passed on to me
Maybe, someday, you'll get up and go

That dog, it barks in the night
Scaring away any peace that's around
Your voice was a siren to them
But to me you sound just like that hound


Shoot up my arm with your blood
And bury my heart in the lake
It needs to rest for a while
Just like you said I'm hard to take

So, tie up the bows on your dress
I'll tie up the lace on my shoes
If you light up the candle you're holding
I'll light up the end of this fuse

You shouldn't pity a man with his face
I can work a week with his hammer
Some people always took you for granted
But maybe it was just your beauty that damned ya

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