Saturday, August 9, 2014

Still Can't Tell

You caught me on the edge
Of some lowly mountain side
Questions from the ?mouths of money?

A few men chose to run
Less chose to speak
Oh, when will their courage fill me

I'm here all alone
As ?I do? choose to be
My innocence gets lost upon the shade

Fence for my eyes
Meant for the heart
Oh, when will I be fit to see

I'm a haunted man
Like my friends think they are
Only have to pick a side

When they're gonna try
You know they're gonna try
I'll scream from my lungs, "I'm still alive!"

*The time is just a swell
Love sometimes feels like hell
When you break through the dawn of the well
You still can't tell

I read it in the news
I read it on the face
Trespasser stood upon my land

?I took upon the night
And I'll roast in burning hell
But he just wanted my hand?

?It's hard to tell in the face
A wrong to another
Only on the garden in Versailles?

My friends seem to know
I have ??? to tell
They scream from their lungs, "I'm still alive!"

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