Saturday, August 9, 2014

When I Come Around

Something's coming up
Half the time I'm coming down
From this unbalanced spin
Puts me through the ground
People have their say
I wish they'd go away
So I can come around

I don't wanna lose it all
But I'm better off this way
With nothing to keep me down
I can blow myself away
You know I'll be alright
But I told you to be good
So I can come around

*It's okay to think that I waited here for you
But you know the truth
I just need some time to figure out what's mine
To help me when I come around

Just try and hold your love until
Just try to hold your love until

I'm back up on my feet
And I can see what's real
The sun still burns my eyes
I'm trying hard to feel
I know that you've been good
Don't think I've been unkind
I'll come around

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