Saturday, August 9, 2014

Isis, Take Me Home

I got home on Monday
Wedge tied to my boom
The only type of thrust I found
Is the one I barely use

Shuffling the sidewalk
Wedge tied to the view
Isis, I'm sorry I lost your ring
I Bought you one that's new
Oh, I bought you one that's new

*Oh, Isis take me home
Through the rain, the dark, and the dawn
A ship can't pull a blind eye to the fleet
Oh, Isis take me in
Although, I don't know where to begin
Suffer in silence for the terror
Plagued by bad weather

Plain Jane had me Tuesday
Ran me out a car
I drove the thing into the canal
The cold stream bared my scar

Just a ball and bearing
Shot away my bed
Torn the mattress right up
Put a stone under my head
Put a stone under my head


When I went out this morning
I fell into a bar
A cold sweat bore a hole in me
As I sang one from a jar

But I paid to see you, Isis
I bought you drinks and tips
I still got the scars you gave to me
Oh, my ghosts still show the rips
Oh, my ghosts still show the rips

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