Saturday, August 9, 2014

To the Light

well the radio was blasting another day old tune
my mother left me for a war, for an old dragoon
the streets were burnt , no one cried, no one made a sound
my friends waited by the wayside until the end of the day
the pipes burst in the road and soaked our way
we followed that path until we came to our home
well her diamonds twinkle fast, her time don’t move
she can turn inside the evening
she’s got nothing to prove
she comes, she comes to the light
no one was speaking except the sound of an alarm
it kept me up for an hour, lying in her arms
and she comforts me and tells me, “lay your head”
so out from the darkness I hear her crying for me,
a sign that she’s coming like the old banshee,
I know she means well when she comes from the dark

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