Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dead and Done

Heaven is a place where people die pretty
Skies don't lie and there's cash in the kitty
Running from the rocks, there's wanter for the lips
To ease your mouth and bathe your fist

There's no need for trouble when the roads are down
Nobody's out of work cause the mine's in town
The circus has been twice already
Ny throwing arm is good and my heart is steady

I'm dead and done by the heat of the sun
I'll rest my hat in an Autumn field
I'll hang my hat in an Autumn field

Tell my momma not to worry
The food is sweet and the weather's been sunny
And I'm well known here round-a-bout
The local pick pocket is a lay-about

Tell my daddio there's no need for washing
They do it in your sleep when you're not watching
I've already had the neighbors here
Johnny Cash came around and we split a beet

The girls up here sure look swell
They swing like birds, I hear it's nothing like hell
The local priest says there's no need for cheatin'
The local wags call it meetin' and a-greetin'

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