Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sick Man Blues

The darkness hides your eyes, though it's not
for me to tell, you never treat me kind, you think
that I'm unwell, it's such a shame,
You tried to give me up and flirted with my time,
I guess you broke the promise you made
somewhere down the line, oh you're a struggle.
oh you're a struggle.

You paid for all my pills that left me in the past
you were a good girl honey,
you just couldn't make it last,

And your love carries the rhinestone of a plague
so bear in mind the lives you could save,

'Cause I'm bound to walk the darkness again,

I know i'm not that easy to live with day to day
If you painted your own picture then I'd let you
have your say, yes I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner

But my love it sits untainted to the rigours
of your stare, there ain't anybody like you
and the fairness of your hair, leaves me stranded,
it leaves me stranded,

This life it's too long, too long for me to keep, you
should bear that in mind and try the pain you reap.

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