Saturday, August 9, 2014

Darling, I Remember the Drink

I can't remember the time at the bar where you left me
But I remember the smell and the place
The whiskey ran through me like a crimson shade fountain
I held steady as you scratched at my face

You wished me well with some look in your eye
And I didn't have the time to think
I can't recall the reason why you threw me
But, darling, I remember the drink

The bomb, it threw you back to my home in the ally
As your breath clouded the windows, your teeth shown
The piss of the bottle like my father and mother
Lifted me up to the sound of the song

Beyond the clapping, the dribble, and the laughable
It pushed my soul to the brink
I don't remember the song or your screaming
But, darling, I remember the drink

I didn't know how to control myself
But not knowing if you were someone else
Doesn't mean I was hiding or out of my face
But you made sure this would be our last resting place

Your eye caught my eye as you cried out to me
"Baby, you can hold on to that ring"
My tear hit the bar and sent a ripple that shook me
I lost the only girl who'd ever made me sing

I tried to call out, I begged you to stay
But my body couldn't override the sting
I don't remember the bar or the drink that had me
But, darling, I remember everything
Darling, I remember everything
Darling, I remember everything

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