Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who Have You Been Loving?

When the world holds out its flag
the sun will fall across the plain,
I will hold out my hands and take the blame
And when the the weather falls too cold,
the frost ravages the lanes,
I will bow down my head in shame

"But who have you, who have you been loving?"

If someone isn't hurt then it's gonna be me,
But the tears they taint your heart
you're so happy that you're free
If you're no better now than you've ever been,
You owe me an apology

Before the dusk falls to dark
I'll have you banished from my mind
I just need a moment's rest to make it mine
Before the moment turns to cold
with our last drawn line
Beyond the rusted sin of gloat you had your time

I said you owe me an apology
You owe me an apology

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