Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Stranger Song

For you my love, for you my love

So barricade the dors and stop the heart
that you've been holding
And throw the words you hold so dear
from the letter you've been softly folding
When they finish boarding up the house
there'll be nothing left to see,
Just a stranger taking his last breath
upon the guillotine

Your neighbors they were fighters,
but they hung the man you killed
Before the sins had left their hands their
bodies were fulfilled
Where the wings that sting the borderline,
words fall softly to the floor
A woman's love can cause a man
to spill his every flaw
On you my love, on you my love

Does your heart beat so softly without warning,
And does it beat out to the slow pace
of the morning
When you close your eyes after all that you see,
Will you let the strangers be

The train it hits the railroad
and it cowers under flies
It's painted by a man itself so it doesn't creep it cries
You have seen the passageway
but you trembled at the start
You have always seen the strangers play
and let them frolic with your heart

And it's another chance to make amends
but they dabble with your code
You're lost without a wolf or beast
to stop you in the road
And he's sitting quietly in his cell and
counting down its stones
Well a woman with your kind of heart
will always be alone

With him my love, with my love
For your my love, always for you my love

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