Saturday, August 9, 2014

Two Years Old

I lost my British soul
Pulling out the corpse
Sheltering in the trenches again
Crying for remorse
I laid my arms down
Walked away in a trance
There's parts of me laid out
All over France

So I took my last waltz
Got caught up on the wire
Wrote a letter for my love
As I hid from the fire

An old soldier carried me
Away to the coast
Bathed my wounds in the sea
I'm in the hands of a ghost

And so their boats came on in
And I tried to run away
And I got taken high by the throat
In the burning light of day

And I was sent down by the iron punch
So broken and alone
I left my blood on the beach
For the tide to take me home

See my girl she gave up
She had taken me for dead
She forgot all her promises
And everything she said

And I'm living in the darkest dream
I rose up in the cold
And this scar that i wear outside
It's two years old

Living by the past
And living by the mile
I took the same walk down
That I did as a child

The flags flew full mast
Unaware of the fade
No one saw me walk down
At my very own parade

So watching thoughts turn into dust
'Cause I headed for the mount
I strayed off the path
Waiitng for the count

The shook those steel clad gates
And filled me up with cold
This scar that I wear inside is more
than two years old
These scars that I wear inside are more
than two years old

It's more than two years old

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