Saturday, August 9, 2014

Waiting for Dawn

guns firing on a ridge down onto a quiet town
wind bellows up smoke to the breakdown in the blood soaked dawn
me and my friend we headed up to where they had set up
the shells dug up the sand as they let up
he shot two and I held them down
we chased them off early we held the sway, what I mean to say
is they lost their way, and they’re out there now in the firing dark
and I hear them, and I think I see them coming
we’re waiting, we’re hiding, they’re running
and we’ll stay here until the dawn
later on we dreamt it was over but we saw the drover
in the middle they were ducking for cover, so we laid back down
they must of felt the coming of shadow and they were all aglow
near our burrow, and in the moon light we shot them down

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