Saturday, August 9, 2014

All My Brothers

sleeping through the daytime like a child
up right through the night time running wild
thinking I will never be as strong as the day is long
I saw the coward day that sunk the sun
hiding in the house where we belong
I saw the blood flow red and it ran long
and all my brothers
It’s a swift turning clock we travel on
from boy to man, from four to one
some of us who rest and grow
don’t need to know, don’t need to know
I still hear them all summer long
will they let me join them one day
I still hear them all summer long
will they turn me away
we lost three fighting Booker in Virginia
one came back with a body full of holes
I wouldn’t let my mother come and see him
all bound in blood and gold
it’s a long lonely night we gaze upon
when all the stars are dead and gone
the moon it shines on all our heads
and to the west, and to the west

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